Andrew Harper Woodworking


This furniture is the result of forty-two years of woodworking and sculpture experience. Simplicity and elegance are my goals. Each piece is an individual. I make a design once and never again. Each table has four slightly different legs. Every door is hand shaped after the basic machining. All the cabinets have handmade moldings, doors and pediments. The stools range from the very light and comfortable kitchen stools to the massive hand carved stools combining several woods. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the quality guaranteed. New work is continually added to this collection. What you don't see now you might see later. Studio visits by appointment are encouraged. Prices are on request. Work on display at Joie De Vivre gallery.


                                                                Enjoy the work,  

                                                                 Andrew Harper

Contact Information:


Home Phone: 410-472-2150

Cell Phone: 410-458-1464